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Release 0.7.2

Fixed some of the smaller bugs in IE and made the interval block collapse when it isn't needed.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-08-02

Release 0.7

Implemented a few features from the Feature Requests. Code is still ugly and buggy though...so probably best not to look under the sheets! Check the release notes and change log for more details.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-07-27

Broke it today

I broke the filtering today because I'm trying to filter before sorting to cut down on the sort time. So the SVN code has filtering broken right now.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-07-26


Okay, still haven't gotten around to making a file release, but there's now code in the SVN which implements explanations for SELECT threads. Grab it while it's hot, and before I break it by changing the SVN files.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-07-24


Finally got back into this project for a bit this morning and I was disgusted with all the complication I had put into it. I went thru and cleaned out a lot of the xml config stuff and some needless Javascript "classes". It means the README won't be entirely accurate, but I just feel much less dirty now.

I don't have time to zip it up and make another release, so if you want the newest clean version, grab it from the SVN.... read more

Posted by groovecoder 2006-06-30

Valentine's Release

Finally a release!

This release includes a face-lift and some major modifications to the configuration and filtering functionality.

Configuration is now handled in the config.xml file, which is read by both the Javascript and PHP code. You can change the db access settings in config.xml, as well as add and remove filters to fields (case sensitive column names). The filter shortcut keys are still hard-coded, but we plan to allow them to be configured via config.xml.... read more

Posted by groovecoder 2006-02-14

Project Planning

Based on the initial feedback we're getting, we've outlined the features/enhancements for the 1.0 release...

Aggregate Stats
More filters
Error Handling

These features are currently in the Feature Requests section with priorities set to 9.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has downloaded, installed, and run (or attempted to run) it. We did not really anticipate that this project would attract any downloads, but now realize that we need to polish up some basic code mechanics in order to make it a real useful utility.... read more

Posted by groovecoder 2006-02-01

New Release with a messages console

Added an output console to the right side of the main display areas. The code for attaching/managing the console is in the Console.js file. It is initially disabled by passing a 0 as the logLevel to the constructor. Changing the argument to the constructor changes the levels of output messages that will be shown, and when messages are appended to the console, they must pass their own level.

Very sorry for the skimpy documentation on this project. At just 400 downloads, it is already more popular than I ever would have thought. We are going to make an effort to re-organize our work on the project in the very near future and will hopefully set up release schedules and a project roadmap that will include documentation.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-02-01

Saturday Release

I'm calling it Saturday release because it's a prep for hopefully some good work to be done tomorrow.

Another kill box bug fixed, colors change. Cleaned up some javascript code, and reverted PHP code to be smarty-less so no more libs dependencies.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-01-28

Kill box fixed

Fixed bug 1407841 where the kill box was cramming in with the first thread in the thread display.

Also, put in some cool javascript which assigns the enableCapture and disableCaptures to the onblur and onfocus (respectively) event handlers of all input elements with a class of 'textInput' at one time. This results in much cleaner HTML markup for the input boxes on the index.php page.

I'm not sure if the file in the ajaxMyTop-0.2 is the most recent file. I uploaded a file with the same name and ran into some weird SF.net errors. When I tried to grab the 0.2.zip file, it didn't have the latest code in it, but it the mirrors might just be a little behind. Someone check the HTML markup on the input elements and see if the onblur and onfocus attributes are gone. They should be.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-01-19

Filtering fixed

Minor update tonight. I went ahead and created 0.2 just to see how multiple releases work under a single package. I do not think I have the full hang of this SF.net stuff yet.

Anyway, the filtering on host and+or db should be fixed now.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-01-17

Little update

I made one little update mostly to get a feel for the file system here. The index.php file now has the javascript code and the css code split up into separate files that are linked.


Posted by groovecoder 2006-01-17

SF.net Project opens

We have just opened the sourceforge.net project for ajaxMyTop. I still have a few code blemishes I want to address before putting the code up, but I have added a few screenshots of what I have so far.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-01-16

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