length and poster are not fetching

  • j2w

    j2w - 2010-06-20

    Since few weeks length and poster are not fetching anymore. Any hint for me?

  • qwerty759

    qwerty759 - 2010-06-21


    I do not found anything to solve this one,
    however there seems to be a connection between the things that doesn't work.
    they all have something to do with h5 because the all have similar kind of code.

    I also noticed that the also known title doesn't work either, this info is not always available so may not noticed

    I hope that the ucanmexxwise can do something with this info, because i'm not be able to find this one out myself

  • qwerty759

    qwerty759 - 2010-06-21


    Maybe i found something for the runtime not fetching

    I changed line 86 in fetch_movie.php in the imdb folder

    This is what i have changed:
    'runtime' => '#<h5>Runtime:</h5><div class="info-content">(.*:)?(+) min#is',

    i removed the /n at both places in this line so it becomes like the above line.

    I test it with a few movies and it works for now (don't know how long)

    I will try to get a solution for the other problems, but i don't know if ucanmexwise is working on something

  • j2w

    j2w - 2010-06-21

    Thanks for your support. It works fine!

  • qwerty759

    qwerty759 - 2010-06-21

    We maybe missed the fact that ucanmexwise already made a patch for this problem!
    look at the patches.
    Sorry about that, next time i will first look at the patches before i jump to solutions
    thanks for the patch!

    however i do noticed that everything works now, except the als known title field
    there is now a lot of code that doesn't make sense to me.

  • j2w

    j2w - 2010-06-21

    I've used this patch. It was working for a time. But since few weeks stopped working.

  • qwerty759

    qwerty759 - 2010-06-21

    I have some update on the AKA field

    I noticed that there is difference in what movie you add in conjunction with what there will be entered in the AKA field

    if i add the movie : the crazies 2010 the AKA field contains a lot of code but no info about AKA title

    If i add the movie : Shrek Forever After 2010 the AKA field contains the first available AKA name

    If you go the imdb page on the internet of both movies, the difference is in the AKA info
    the crazies has no info on the page , but on a link called more
    the shrek movie has a few AKA names on the page and the rest under a link called more

    maybe ucanmexwise can do something with my info

  • qwerty759

    qwerty759 - 2010-06-21

    To j2w

    ucanmexwise made this patch yesterday so maybe you where using the patch before this one?
    with the latest patch everything works fine by me, except the AKA title field

  • ucanmexwise

    ucanmexwise - 2010-06-22

    AKA field solution:

    'aka' => '#<h5>Also Known As:</h5><div class="info-content">(.*?)<a class="tn15more"#i',

  • qwerty759

    qwerty759 - 2010-06-22

    Thanks for the AKA field solution! i appreciate your effort

    i do however noticed that it doesn't work properly
    i f i add the movie shrek forever after than all AKA info is inserted what is available at imdb
    if i add  the movie the crazies there is no info at all inserted
    if i add the movie dolan's cadillac same problem.
    the last 2 movie's AKA info is available at imdb, but they are under a link called : See more
    maybe the link name is the problem?


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