qwerty759 - 2010-09-24

First of all, I'm not sure in which forum this would be so if it's not in the right one i apologies.

I made some improvements to the dutch language files because some of the chosen words are to long to fit in the
frame boxes.
Maybe somebody noticed this too in the film info box.

They are all in the file language-nl.php in the config directory.

Here are the improvements:

Line 205: nummer changed in no                             New line:     $trans         = 'no';
Line 221: beoordeling changed in oordeel             New line:      $trans = 'oordeel';
Line 235: min. changed in min (removed the . )     New line:      $trans     = 'min';

With these changes all the tekst will fit in the boxes, at least for the dutch language.
Maybe the other language files have the same problem, i didn't look in to that because i'm from the Netherlands