qwerty759 - 2010-11-18


I've got yet another little problem in Firefox this time

If i log in to filmdb with user admin and my own password, Firefox offers to save the log in credentials, and it does the job by saving both user name and password.
So far so good, but when i log out and try to log in the only thing that Firefox offers me is the user name. i have to click on the offer and the log in credentials are filled in, but here is the catch! the log in credentials are wrong? the user name is good but the password is wrong and i can't figure out where firefox get that password from!
I guess that this is the standard log in credentials?.

I tried it on another computer with a fresh installed firefox and it is all the same.
I do noticed that Firefox saves the credentials as java script? (i opened it in SQLite Database browser) maybe that has something to do with it?

I don't know where the problem besides but maybe this sounds familiar to some one on this forum?
I have the latest Firefox version (3.6.12) but if i remember well it's the same in earlier versions, but maybe not in versions 2.x.x (if i remember well)

All help is appreciated