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  • spokaa

    spokaa - 2006-08-29

    I have been  checking your DB and it is great!, even I have translated it for my to the Spanish.
    My question is the following:
    How he is lodged in a server, it would be possible that the images "poster" will go placed in a folder called "poster" in the same server.
    In this way the inquiries  to the DB  would be more fast. How would I get it?
    Any suggestion would become of great help.
    Thanks a lot!

    P.S. If you desire it I can send you the file "language-es"  with the translation.

    • clievers

      clievers - 2006-08-29

      Yes, from the beginning I thought having the poster outside of the database would be good too. Speed it up, plus less size on the database.

    • Little Chang

      Little Chang - 2006-10-10

      This is a poor idea if poster can only be outside the database, because many webhotel have limited web space but unlimited database size.
      Regard the speed it makes no the big difference if the posters are inside DB or not

    • ucanmexwise

      ucanmexwise - 2006-10-13

      Poster blobs are faster than files because they are cached automatically. Files needs special html header to be cached and must be opend to be read.

    • Little Chang

      Little Chang - 2006-10-13

      Thanks for clear that up ucanmexwise


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