Need users' feedback.

  • Vitaliy Shevchuk


    Could you post here few sentences about you experience with AjaxAnywhere? I’d like to publish then somewhere on the project web site. Today, even a free product needs marketing :)

    Of course, you do not have to complete all fields; just fill in what you can.

    Name :
    Email/URL :
    Country :
    Industry :
    Company :
    Project  (Any information describing your project – how mission critical your project is, number of end users, development man/days, number of java classes/pages, number of tables in DB, etc.. ):

    Your comments :

    I appreciate your help, guys.

    Vitaliy Shevchuk
    AjaxAnywhere creator

    • Randall Burt

      Randall Burt - 2005-10-08

      Country: USA
      Industry: Defense Contracting
      We were able to incorporate AjaxAnywhere into one of our standard Struts/Tiles/JSP applications in a matter of a few hours. This greatly increased the responsiveness of the application and opened up possibilities for further enhancements. Project management was also really impressed at the perceived increase in speed of the application.

    • Pensacola Golfer

      Country: USA
      Industry: Gov't Contracting

      AjaxAnywhere was pretty easy to put into our existing application.  Fortunately, we already had incorporated tiles so testing it in a small part of our webapp was even simpler.  The only thing we found problematic was a little hangup that only IE experiences due to some naming conventions but we fixed it on our application and submitted the patch.  Now it should be even easier to install. 

      The benefits were outstanding.  No flashing screen on refresh of data.  It simply looks like any other desktop application.  Data changes, just as you'd expect it to but the screen doesn't take forever to redraw.  

      I highly recommend anyone take a look at it and see where it can help our your existing, or yet to be developed web application.

    • Anonymous - 2005-10-29

      Country : USA
      Industry : Transportation

      I've been using AjaxAnywhere in my project for around a month its been an absolute pleasure working with it.

      One get see immediate results after spending a few days incorporating AjaxAnywhere within their project but there's a difference between getting a prototype or a sample screen AJAX'ified working versus the entire application being AJAX based and working in a robust manner. (80-20 rule).

      I'm happy to report that we've been able to successfully upgrade our entire application to be AJAX based and AjaxAnywhere was a key component to this.

      AjaxAnywhere is really simple to use and I would strongly recommend users to consider this for existing and new projects. There's presently some uncertainty on how best AJAX plays with MVC and with AjaxAnywhere you can continue using your favourite MVC framework.

    • justavo

      justavo - 2005-12-26

      It is clear that all these 3 messages were posted by Vitaliy Shevchuk . It is a shame.

      • Vitaliy Shevchuk

        Yea, as well as other 500 messages in this forum :)
        Is it also clear for you WHO downloaded AjaxAnywhere over 10 000 times over during 3 months of its existence? :)

        Search this forum and you'll discover our discussions with sjivan, jmm193 and rburt3, with real questions/answers.

        If you find that you were wrong, please, do not bother spamming this thread with you apologies.


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