New Project Developers!

Hey everyone, I just thought I'd let you all know that I've taken over the development of AJAX Chat, along with a couple other great folks.

Eric Martindale (remaeus) - Developer
Will Anderson (javayahtzee) - Developer
Phil (frug) - Support Manager

We've got some exciting things in store for you, but you'll have to be patient while we all get accustomed to the project.

Some quick plans!
- Create a coldfusion socket server
- Improve performance (caching, socket overhaul, FLEX/COMET/Javascript 2.0)

And as a reminder, please report any bugs to the bug tracker here on sourceforge, this will hasten our ability to respond and fix any troubles that you run into.

Thanks to everyone for participating in this great community, I look forward to improving on the project for all of you!

Posted by Eric Martindale 2008-04-02

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