D'Anne G - 2011-11-18

Okay. I noticed after integration with a phpbb board ajax chat makes chat rooms for everything on the board, including the categories. After looking in the phpbb database I noticed categories have a parent_id of 0, unlike the actual forums. Is there a way to make ajax chat ignore the entries with a parent_id of 0 when it's creating rooms for the board? If so, how?

We've already got the chat set up for autologin, to open in a new window, and to close that window when the person logs out of chat. The window set up allows them access to both forums and chat at the same time.

If we could get this category thing straightened out, and find a way to have the users in chat (there names) show up in a list in the footer of the board, like phpbb does for who is visiting the board, I think we'd be set up perfect.

If you need the address of the board where this is set up, to look things over, I can supply that for you.

Any ideas?