what do you think of this 7"TFT LCD Module[800*480] with Touch Panel(SSD1963),ARM STM32 code Cortex-M3

  • openmcu

    openmcu - 2013-05-20

    Hello, everyone.

    Don't you got a LCD Module yet? No. Now it is IT Ages and you need to own one, or you will out!
    I would like to  recommend you this kind of LCD Module. It's new arrival. Get it now and make you be a fashion man.
    It is 7"TFT LCD Module[800*480] with Touch Panel(SSD1963),ARM STM32 CORTEX-M0/M3/M4. It have:
    SSD1963-Display control chip
    24 bit RGB Interface(standard 50PIN Interface)Resolution:800x480Support a SD card interfaceSupport a DataFlash W25Q16Resistive 4-wire Touch Panel integratedTSC2046 touch panel controller onboard directly compatible with ADS7843Display 16.7M color,high brightness,high contrast ratio,low Power dissipationApply to Digital Camera,GPS,PMP and so on7" QVGA 262k TFT-LCD module PIN description
    PIN funtion PIN funtion01 3V3 17 DB1402 GND 18 DB1503 DB00 19 CS04 DB01 20 RS05 DB02 21 WR06 DB03 22 RD07 DB04 23 RESET08 DB05 24 NC09 DB06 25 MISO SPI10 DB07 26 INT11 DB8 27 MOSI SPI12 DB9 28 PWM13 DB10 29 SCLK SPI14 DB11 30 F_CS DATAFLASH15 DB12 31 TP_CS16 DB13 32 SD_CS33 GND 34 5V

    Now you are  interest in this product, right? Come on. Just click here http://stores.shop.ebay.com/powermcuelectronics

    Thanks a lot!

  • openmcu

    openmcu - 2013-05-20

    This is a very good shop,and the price is very nice i thinl


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