Ajax Chat 0.8.4 Released

  • Philip Nicolcev

    Philip Nicolcev - 2012-02-13

    I've (finally) released version 0.8.4 of Ajax Chat.

    This is a bugfix version for sound issues in chrome/safari and hopefully resolves the problem by updating the version of flex-ajax bridge.

    Post any issues you have with this version here.

  • YIFY

    YIFY - 2012-02-14

    Woo cool to see that Team leader is still active here, thanks for the update.
    Is the FBridge the only update was done? (I ask this because I see there is no 0.8.4 in the ChangeLog)

    Thank again for your work frug

  • Philip Nicolcev

    Philip Nicolcev - 2012-02-15

    That was the only significant change. I added a nicer html readme file with the phpbb3 and standalone versions (including proper shoutbox integration instructions for the phpbb3 version) but I missed the changelog.

    It appears this fix clears the error with webkit browsers but doesn't actually provide sound. There is a manual change to the FABridge.js file that has been suggested which I'll test and add in another release along with the rest of the updated readme files in the next few days.

  • steven archer

    steven archer - 2012-02-15

    if possible, can you add a function about clear msg command like /clear ?

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2012-02-15

    My chat doesnt scroll to the bottom. It stops like 25px before bottom. :S

  • Philip Nicolcev

    Philip Nicolcev - 2012-02-20

    A /clear command is worth considering though something like that can easily be made into a mod.

    I have seen the issue with chat not scrolling all the way in one of my shoutbox implementations when the shoutbox first loads, although I've never been able to reproduce it in a regular chat window while talking. So I'll need more information than that to reproduce it to try and find where the problem is.

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2012-02-26

    I dont know what to say really. In webkit-browsers it just won't scroll all the way down. But if I post a picture all of a sudden it does.

    When I look in the inspector it shows that all chat-messages is XML except the bottom one or two. Is that why the problem occurs?


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