How much resources on the Webserver (CPU,RAM)

  • Wolfseye

    Wolfseye - 2012-07-29


    i would like to ask how much resources (CPU,RAM) this Ajax Chat takes, considering running it on a rented Webspace. I know that some providers dont allow Chats that base on their own Webservers, but rather suggest people use one where the "Server Side" is on a different Server.

    How is it with Ajax Chat ?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Phoenix psyhub

    Phoenix psyhub - 2012-09-02

    It really depends how you tailor it - but I pay around 30 per month for a server that can take up to 25 people in chat.
    This uses about 100% of the CPU - but I've found a few ways to reduce the load - such as adding a load report into the xml file, that adds a little pause on the user end.
    If you're going to this chatroom the really bonus is how much you can tailor custom.js and CustomAJAXChat.php ;)


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