moumouh206 - 2014-03-11

I want to add two addition fields of value to the login page so that when guest log in they can enter:

Name (userName)
Affiliation (userAffiliation)
Country (userLocation)

I would also like this information displayed in the list of online users like the example below:

Mike Smith
Microsoft, USA

All of my users will be logging in as guests so they’ll have the option of populating these fields when they visit the chat login page. I need help figuring out:

1) How to define these values (where and how) in the code
2) How to call up this info to display in the ‘online users’ window below the username

I’ll also have to create and implement styles in the stylesheet that pertain to how the affiliation and country are formatted in the ‘online users’ window. If anyone can point me in the right direction for how to go about creating and implementing these values that would be great.