#90 Estonian error language


The estonian language is triggering a persistent issue which is visible in many chats around.
One of the errors is linked to the fact that instead of et.php, in the lang directory there is a et.js file.
This error is reproducible also on the AjaxChat demosite by choosing Estonian Language.
For some reason the chat continue to misbehave even after a fresh login and it's a not resolvable issue by the user in case it's an embedded chat


  • Luigi

    Luigi - 2012-07-05

    I moved to high as in effect can impact all the installations

  • Luigi

    Luigi - 2012-07-05
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Felix Eckhofer

    Felix Eckhofer - 2012-07-16

    An easy workaround for this issue is to remove 'et' from $config['langAvailable'].

  • Philip Nicolcev

    Philip Nicolcev - 2012-10-21
    • assigned_to: nobody --> frug
  • Philip Nicolcev

    Philip Nicolcev - 2012-10-21

    thank you for the report, i noticed this the other day. It will be fixed in the next release which will be out soon.