#86 Problems in Firefox?


I'm using Firefox 11.0 (on Windows XP). While my test site for trying out AJAX chat works in Chrome and Safari, it misbehaves in Firefox in this way:

It draws the chat window as normal, but fails to draw the smilies box or fill in any text in the main box or the listbox on the right, and when I type something and click submit...nothing happens...


  • Iain E. Davis

    Iain E. Davis - 2012-04-21
  • Philip Nicolcev

    Philip Nicolcev - 2012-05-21
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  • Philip Nicolcev

    Philip Nicolcev - 2012-05-21

    Tested in both ff 11 and 12 (i use ff for development) and never seen this. Check your plugins for interference with javascript and try clearing browser cache or refreshing the page with shift+refresh.

    Try a clean install as well. If you've modified the javascript files at all, it may cause different behavior across browsers since different browsers have a habit of dealing with javascript bugs in their own way.