Trying to test this out

  • newbie

    newbie - 2006-01-01

    I am trying to test this out on my own loosly secured net at home using only 64 bit encrypted wep and its takeing forever. Now mind you i am running all win xp sp2 machines so i am not even sure if i will pick up the packets needed to form a crack but i am able to pickup packets. So does that mean airsnort is working and just needs a LOT of time to find the crack? I am streaming audio right now and i will soon start streaming video to get the packet count up.

    • Dom

      Dom - 2006-02-13

      I think file sharing is where its at, I used a bit torrent client to download some files, this really gets the interesting packets up!!

    • Anonymous - 2006-07-28

      Ahh there is a problem with a small part of what both of you said:

      jobsux said: "but i am able to pickup packets"

      dom999 said: "this really gets the interesting packets up!!

      Now the thing that wrong here is that airsnort odens't do anything when you double click the .exe
      it opens a DOS window then the main face comes up and then just sits there
      the only option that usable that remotely does anything is the Log to file option and all it is, is a navigation option.
      and when I try to double click random files to trst out what works in it 99% of the time Airsnort shuts down - on top of that the packet section only goes up when I manually add files to it and in the mean time in the dos window it running saying the file I used failed. -
      So what we have here is both of you saying this program is doing something that it cannot possibly do which is auto finding packets

    • tetsuo

      tetsuo - 2006-07-30

      whats with this graham guy?
      it does take awhile for it to pick up packets it can take a couple of days to get enough to crack the encryption.


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