#13 segmentation fault 0.2.4.a


It's nice to see this project is still in development,
but before adding new features you should think about
making it more stable!
Using woody 2.4.21 with a travelmate 290 (intel celeron
1,3ghy, 512mb) and a netgear MA401RA Prism PCMCIA Card
with hostap drivers and airsnort 0.2.4a

Following things I noticed:

- created a 5gb dump with kismet (which found 350 weak
packets) and tried to import to airsnort. It found 5
interesting in the first 3 seconds. After that it just
imported packets without looking for interesting
packets. So at the end of importing all packets it was
still at 5 packets. Adding the kismet.weak with all
interesting packets found by kismet didnt work with
airsnort neither.

- segmentation fault: I have no idea why, but 90% I
receive a segementation fault by clicking at start.
(selected wlan0, hostap)

- i got it airsnort running (w00t) and flooded my
network with packetes. Airsnort collected ~1000
packets/s and found at the beginning 3 interesting
packets (within 10 sec). After that he didnt find a
single intersting packet for 2 hours (I stopped after
that). No, the AP (Netgear MR314) is not protected
against weak iv's, and I broke the 104bit encryption
before! This has to be an airsnort problem too.

Tell we if u need an further information, I'm looking
forward to get this projects with less (major) bugs...


  • snacks snax

    snacks snax - 2004-09-09

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    How about providing a core dump for any of your segfault
    situations? Are you aware that kismet counts all packets
    with weak IVs even if it it has seen the same IV before
    while airsnort only reports unique IVs?

    If you expect anything to get fixed you need to provide a
    lot more detail regarding crashes and/or make your data
    available to me so that I can try to duplicate your
    circumstances because guess what? Airsnort doesn't crash
    when I run it and it routinely cracks my test network.

  • snacks snax

    snacks snax - 2004-09-09
    • assigned_to: nobody --> snaks
  • snacks snax

    snacks snax - 2004-09-19
    • status: open --> closed
  • snacks snax

    snacks snax - 2004-09-19

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