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Version 1.1

If you downloaded 1.0, immediately get 1.1. As it happened, there was a flaw in the vector math that led to some terribly inaccurate results (for most cases, up meant down, etc.) I also made the Viewing Environment a lot more workable. That's all!

Posted by Seth Hetu 2005-12-07

Version 1.0

Ironically, the last of my SF projects reaches 1.0 first. But enough talk:
1) The Production Environment can be used to generate and evolve a population of agents. Try it with the defaults (or you might create an XML file that's WAAAY too big.)
2) The Viewing Environment is quirky, but it is functional. One must save all games as bitmaps if they wish to view them fully (auto-scroll doesn't work.) Also, there can be problems inter-loading from xml to generated agents, and vice-versa. This will be fixed with the addition of agent names in a future release. Finally, viewing agents isn't perfect (the triangles are a bit misleading.) If you crave pinpoint accuracy, get the latest CVS update where I've replaced the mis-shapen triangles with squares.)... read more

Posted by Seth Hetu 2005-12-05

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