Hello Aironet Gurus:

I have a wierd mac address problem with a couple of AP 340s AFTER I upgraded past v11.0

The one AP I'll use in this example has an IP address of  Below is an except from our layer three switch SNMP table when grepping for

Please notice that the mac address of IP address according to the switch is 00-40-96-35-51-8d

This is all find an dandy EXCEPT the label on the back of the AP says it is 00-40-96-33-31-40.  Also in the "express setup" the mac matches the label address, not what the router thinks it is.  I can not find this mac address in any of our network equipment's arp tables. 

One last question:  does the access point take the mac address of the access point or the mac address of the onboard ethernet card or  the mac address of the radio card?  Any help with these mismatched macs would be greatly appreciated!

        Mike Neuliep

at.atTable.atEntry.atIfIndex.332. = 332
at.atTable.atEntry.atPhysAddress.332. =  Hex: 00 40 96 35 51 8D
at.atTable.atEntry.atNetAddress.332. = IpAddress:
ip.ipNetToMediaTable.ipNetToMediaEntry.ipNetToMediaIfIndex.332. = 332
ip.ipNetToMediaTable.ipNetToMediaEntry.ipNetToMediaPhysAddress.332. = 0:40:96:35:51:8d
ip.ipNetToMediaTable.ipNetToMediaEntry.ipNetToMediaNetAddress.332. = IpAddress:
ip.ipNetToMediaTable.ipNetToMediaEntry.ipNetToMediaType.332. = dynamic(3)

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