Hello Louis,

You need a PPTP access concentrator.  All Windows have PPTP ability.  You need to set a DHCP server to give our non-internet addresses and then they should log on to you PPTP server to get Internet access.  You can use the MikroTik
RouterOS as a PPTP server www.mikrotik.com (free with PPTP support and a RADIUS client on local authentication.


John Tully

Anybody have much experience using Aironet equipment with Cisco's Broadband Services Manager?  I'm offering Internet access in a public facility.  For various reasons, I'd prefer not to use 802.1x or static WEP for wireless security.  I'd like to offer customers a choice of having wireless security provided by a VPN to my network or to their corporate network (since both cannot run together).  This means that I cannot use a VPN concentrator as the means of authentication, since not all customers will use my VPN.  I've heard that PPPoE could work for authentication in this environment, or possible a firewall.  Cisco's BBSM seems like the most robust solution.  Does anyone have any experience with this decision and/or with BBSM?  Thanks.


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   1. Re : dell's 4800lt and linux (Jean Tourrilhes)


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Marko Djukic wrote :
> i'm running debian 2.2.19 and trying to set up a wireless net using
> 4800lt pcmcia card
> i think i'm missing something here... i've been reading through the
> archives and following the various discussion about which settings to
> etc. but i can't figure out how these settings are actually set.
> is there a config file somewhere? or is it a command line input?
> thanks,
> marko

        Personally I use the Wireless Tools and the
/etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts script (it's documented in the Wireless
Tools package), but you can't trust me to give an unbiased opinion on
the matter ;-). There is at least two other ways to configure the
airo_cs driver which are equally good...



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