Help.  I have a Lucent Wireless network at home using Residential Gateway and a silver card.  At work
we have a Cisco system with aironet 340 cards.  I would like to use the card in my laptop at home also.
The 340 sees the Residential Gateway at home when I change the network to be the "home network" using the Aironet Client Utility (v4.10).  If I do a status  the link quality is good or excellent, it knows my access point (RG) MAC address, but it things teh access point ip address is the message at bottom of ACU is "Your 340 seris is associated to IP address".  Needless to say, no connectivity to network.  I'm assuming this is because of the encryption key.  I have the work key, if i change to the home one the ACU complains that it isn't 10 characters (the lucent one is 5).  I tried converting the 5 digits to hex and using those values, but no luck.
I'm assuming by this groups earlier notes, I don't want to use ad hoc or No base station.  Any help would be appreciated.
Andrew Jones