Hi to all,


I have been truing to deploy a wireless network in Kosovo (former Yugoslavia better known for many recent wars then technology).


For this, I used PCI 352 cards on a Linux machine. The cards are put in Ad-hoc mode and we use parabolic antennas with RP-TNC connectors to increase the effective distance of transmission for the cards.


I have placed up to four PCI cards on one Linux machine and installed routing software (OSPF)


The problem is the distance. Every time the link spreads for more than 4 5 Km, the packed drops are enormous leaving only about 50-60 Kbps available. All is working fine on short distances but the after this limit, all hell breaks lose. The signal strength is not a problem. Both the indicator on the Status utility of the ACU and measurements with spectrum analyzer indicate excellent signal quality.


What seems to be the problem? Is the problem in the driver or firmware? I tried to download new firmwares but it seems like the problem is getting worse with ever new release of firmware? Do you have any suggestions how to alleviate this problem?


Any comments are very highly appreciated.




Arben Abdullahu