A great combo to save money and all firmware and, under Win98SE, drivers for the Aironet work on both units in ad hoc mode ... however...  range stinks and is about a third of what the marketing literature describes. 
Power is 30 mW on both, which seems a bit anemic to me.
My guess is Aironet only cares about Enterprise mode with base stations and all the other high margin stuff..  and therefore I assume they optimize the setting for that config.
Does anyone know (or can you point me to a place) where there is some info on tweaking the cards in an ad hoc config?  I'm hoping I can get better range by doing so.  Am I dreaming? 
Aironet is terrible when it comes to finding documents on the subject and their manuals are skimpy and poorly written..
Also, I've looked into antennas, but I'd prefer an easier and less bulky way to solve the problem.  Thanks in advance ... and please keep up the good work.