First, thank you for this group and the excellent quality of the postings.
I am running a Dell 4800LT (because I am too cheap ... frugal... to buy the pci version from Aironet/Cisco) along with an aironet pc card adapter.
I wasted a ton of time getting the two to work together until I saw a post re: 40 bit encryprtion (which MUST be enabled) and it solved my problem .  The weird thing is that the network would run sporadically and TOTALLY RANDOMLY with respect to my fumblimgs ... for no apparent reason without the WEP enabled.  Talk about a way to drive this poor troubleshooter crazy.
Anyway ... now I have another problem, which I'll describe in a separate post, with the range of the units, which is nowhere near what Aironet describes in their marketing literature (surprise). Any help with tweaking settings or boosting range will be greatly appreciated.