Hi all,
I have tested two PCMCIA adapter LM4800 and AIR-LMC342 on desktop
computer using third party PCI to PCMCIA card drive from Carry Computer Eng. in Taiwan.
but AIR-LMC342 does not work correctly as follows;
1. LM4800 works well under Windows98 and RedHat Linux 6.x
2. but the AIR-LMC342 does not detect and does not work under both O/S.
   - Under Win98: used PCMCIA driver supplied from Carry Computer Eng. as the
      above LM4800 but Win98 does not detect the card AIR-LMC342 (no bell rings)
      and the PCMCIA driver says that slot is empty.
   - Under Linux: tested pcmcia-cs-3.1.19 driver but no bell rings and no aironet driver loaded.
Please let me know the differences between two cards and how to use the card LMC342
with PCI to PCMCIA drive.