Roger James - 2003-04-03

I  have noticed some strange behaviour when running the version of this driver in SuSE against a cisco aironet 350 card.

When the channel is set via iwconfig the actual frequency that results is that of a channel that is one less than the one specified. When the channel is specified via the proc filesystem the resulting frequency is correct. I am verifying the frequency via cards in other systems, as the frequency displayed by iwconfig is always channel 1 (2.412G) no matter what frequency the card is using. The proc file system always gives the frequency as zero.

Looking at the code the ioctl to set the frequency always does decrement the channel number by one. Anyone got any comments on this. Is this specific to 350 cards, i.e. do other cards need the channel number to be decremented? Any ideas anyone or do I just hack it to work with the SuSE configuration system.