rfmon a.k.a. monitor mode

  • Superfueld Freaksicle

    How do I put the Aironet 350 in monitor mode?

    I have read sites saying
    echo 'Mode: rfmon" > /proc/drivers/aironet/eth1/Config

    and others saying
    echo 'Mode: y' > /same/path/as/above

    But neither do a thing for me. How do I get this card in monitor mode?

    • Superfueld Freaksicle

      Alright. It looks like my drivers weren't as up-to-date as they could have been. A trip to the CVS now has my card in "Mode: rfmon" and packets getting dumped to the wifi0 interface.

      Now the problem is that ALL of the WEP encrypted packets appear to have the same IV. When I look at the packet dump in ethereal and in tcpdump I see an IV of 0x03aaaa and a Key of 0.

      I know that's not right. What's wrong here?

  • Daniel Torres Sandi

    To put an interface in monitor mode you can do:
        # iwconfig eth1 mode monitor

       # airmong-ng  start eth1


    ubuntu linux


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