Dan Devine - 2002-07-01

I've run into something that I've not seen on this list before (or on a Google search for BAP errors).

Here is my tale:

Last night, I performed a complete reinstall of RH 7.3 on my Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop (pcmcia card services 3.1.22).  Before the install, I inserted both of the PCMCIA cards I wanted to run.  Socket 0: Linksys 10/100 etherfast card.  Socket 1: Cisco Aironet AIR-LMC352.

During the install, everything went smoothly.  Both cards were recognized and started functioning correctly.  I was able to connect to RH and further update the install with the 2.4.18-5 kernel too.  I rebooted several times without powering down and configured the Cisco card with the ACU tool to set my address, antenna and whatnot.  Shut down the system satisfied that everything was working correctly.

Upon restarting this morning, no function of the Cisco 352 card.  I'm getting the familiar "BAP setup error too many retries" and "MAC could not be enabled" and even one time got  the dreaded "weird code" from the card.

I've searched the messages but cannot find enough information on the "BAP setup error" to figure out what's going wrong.  The difference between "cold boot" and "warm reboot" must be doing it as I have not changed anything since last night.

I've tried several attempts at the /pcmcia stop & /pcmica start commands.  Have not adjusted the delay or modified anything from what was working last evening.

Does anyone know what's going on here?  Please help.

Dan D