From what I've seen, you have to use the new linux drivers from cisco to use this card.  Compile and install the module mpi350.o from that and you'll be fine.  You have to use the included tools as well.

The mpi350 driver does have a limited proc interface.  You can get status from /proc/drivers/mpi350/Status, and also set/view the SSID in that same directory.

It's currently functional, but needs work.  Can someone familiar with aironet drivers *please* look at the mpi350.c source and post what you think here.  There are two main things I'm interested in:

1)  How much work will it take to get RFMON working on this card.  There is a constant for rfmon mode defined in mpi350.h, so I'm guessing the card supports it like other aironets.  What do we have to do to get this?

2) The driver mentions a lot of stuff about "venus".  I'm not sure if venus is what they call the radio or what, but I can't see anything labeled venus in the other drivers.  Any idea what this means?  How is this card different from other aironet cards?

That's about it.  Right now it is functional, adhoc and infrastructure (haven't tried WEP yet), but I would really like to get rfmon going.