Tim Miller - 2002-07-02

running linux (redhat) 2.4.9-13, and sometimes 2.4.9-13smp
I'm installing some aironet 4800 series pci based wlan cards. Wondering if I should d/l the cisco ones or the code from this sf project. Also, does anyone know of an easy way to let users switch which driver is being used? I have a couple ppl who are hoping to do some developement work with the drivers (that's why I'm hoping the one's from this project will work, open source) and they want to be able to switch between the normal drivers, and the ones they have modified.
Also, my users are hoping to work w/ two such aironet-equipped pc's, sending and recieving only between the two. They mentioned ap and base drivers. Personally, I have no clue what they'll need, would installing drivers for the cards themselves, and then just writing normal network software to connect the two work? Or are there client/server type programs that they'll need?

I hope this post wasn't too long. If you have any answers or tips at all, please let me know.
Tim Miller