Aironet 350/PCMCIA on RH 7.3?

Dan Devine
  • Dan Devine

    Dan Devine - 2002-06-26

    ...desperately seeking.....(oh, sorry, wrong list)

    I've got some questions and would like to talk to anyone who's done this already.  Can take ofline

    I'm currently trying to do this on my laptop.  I've gotten all of the drivers, tried the install scripts, still not getting any function.

    Need sanity check before action.  Contemplating rebuild of virgin 7.3 kernel.  Help me get my modules straight before action.

    • Tim Coote

      Tim Coote - 2002-07-08

      I've been working on this type of configuration (not clean 7.3 install tho'). Interworking with ibm t23 (linux and xp dual boot, actiontec wirelss)

      using ad-hoc.

      I found the following:
      7.3 has two drivers - this one (under wireless)  and a spare under pcmcia.

      I couldn't get the beast working at all until I configured it with ACU. - it still won't power up on it's own, but I haven't tried more recent drivers. I think that some of the feedback in Status is not as advertised, whereas ACU gives better info on what's going on. need to pay attention to leds for debugging info on 'bad' configs. (I had ad-hoc + no SSID string, which just won't try to associate).

      I upgraded firmware to .25 and found the MIC messages (status 1000) filling my logs.

      warm boots don't work well - take it right down to power off each change.


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