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Current work

Right now the project is back to version 0.1 (just for a bit). I'm rewriting the whole "space ship" part for better performace and adding in AI at the same time. Look forward to actual battles and explotions in the future (near future I hope).

Posted by Chris 2005-07-24

First Offical Build

Here is a list of things that are done:
fps counter
point of view
Here are a few things that need to get done before the first build is released:
Collision detection (already started)
Some more ships
(bump mapping, maybe)

I have no idea how long this could take but, once that's done the first build will be up.

Posted by Chris 2005-06-22

Flying Transformations

I've been worried about this step in the project for a long time now...I desided to go ahead and write a flight simulation without a clue how to move a ship around correctly. I figured it out, save the modelview matrix every frame and transform it every frame according to the user input. I was trying to do this at first by saving the rotation angles but that didn't work out. Also the skys are done. I'll post a screen shot as soon as I find the time. There is a nedula, a moon and mars. Stars will be added......sometime.

Posted by Chris 2005-06-14

Back and Kicking

I've been having some problems lately with textures being loaded and stored in different structures then linked to objects but I've got all tha worked out now. It turned out to be stupid little things like wrong texture size (1 pixel off!!!) I'm almost done the "sky" if space can have a sky. Galaxies and nebulas are "pinned up" on billboards around the camera loaction. Once it's all looking nice I'll post a screen shot. The verts are calculated once then stored so it is very speedy and should not lower the frame rate at all although texture memory will take a hit. I hope there are no spelling mistakes in this, typing really fast and I'm not reading over. I'll keep posting this stuff.

Posted by Chris 2005-06-09


There have been no recent updates because I've just formatted my computer and I'm still getting everything back together (I also just got Half-Life 2) I've finished half of it in a day, give me another day and I'll be back ;)

Posted by Chris 2005-06-06

Initial Imports

Errr ok, not a bad start IMPO I've got the base framework for the game in and I've started loading in a fighter with some config files to define how it flies, right now I'm working on the actual controls and the first person view point. Also adding in ambient textures like starts planets galaxies etc....well, if anybody actually sees this, now you know. Still in the very early stages of development. More to come.

Posted by Chris 2005-06-02