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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Welcome to Open Discussion

    • Anonymous - 2004-04-14

      After downloading and installing is following my opinion:
      very fine tool

      I see one problem: some filesystems have a limitation in filesize, for instance FAT32. It would be nice to have a split-option.


      Sorry for my bad english ...

    • Steve Gibson

      Steve Gibson - 2004-08-04

      A split option would be nice.  It will probably be added in a future release.

      What I usually do is write my images to ext2 or ext3 partitions and then use a program like Paragon's MountEverything to allow me to use those partitions from within Windows.

    • ValDork

      ValDork - 2004-08-13


      Would like the ap but is it possible to automate the process, like cronjobs, imaging the system partition itself to a windows network place via tcpip?
      Sharing eg sharing a folder within windows and so reachable from other tcp stations connected?

      please also reply to : valentijn@multimediaconsult.nl

    • Steve Gibson

      Steve Gibson - 2004-08-13

      No, AIR can't be run effectively from cron.  It's not really designed to be an automated backup tool and doesn't take any command-line switches at this time.  All of the options have to be set in the GUI.

      Cronjobs are generally meant to run command-line based programs and you could probably accomplish what you are talking about by simply using dd and netcat (on the windows side as well).  At a designated time start a netcat process listening on windows. Shortly after that, on your linux box, fire up dd and pipe the output to netcat, specifying the windows ip and listening port as the destination.

      It would take some clocks being in sync and a little trial and error, but I don't see why that couldn't be done.  But AIR probably isn't the right tool for that.

    • LutzC

      LutzC - 2005-05-04

      When trying to write a backup back to another device, for example to another harddisk, AIR allways only writes back the first image-file (only image.000 of image.000 to image.010) and then stops.
      How ist it possible to write the whole set of images back to a device from within AIR directly?


    • Steve Gibson

      Steve Gibson - 2005-09-20

      This functionality will need to be implemented.  Maybe next version?

      Until then, it's pretty simple to do from the command-line... something like:

      cat image.* | dd of=/dev/hdc

    • free_ouyo

      free_ouyo - 2005-11-28

      Do you plan to add support for the new AFF (Advanced Forensic Format - www.afflib.org) ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I create a bootable livecd (based on SLAX), wich include AIR-1.2.8. The name of my projet is DDbackup. It is designed for create a backups of harddisks/partitions/files with these tools: AIR, Partimage and Xarchiver.
      see http://ddbackup.org

      Thanks Mister Gibson for your tool.
      Sylvie Migneault


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