• Nobody/Anonymous

    I installed aiocp without too much of a hitch when i try to edit or add anything nothing happens no errors no changes ... even the icons after i login dont do anything except the stats one give me the stats. i am running aiocp on a win2003 server. hopefully you can help i really like the look of this. thankz

    • Nicola Asuni

      Nicola Asuni - 2006-07-06

      Try the following:

      - double check your configuration files, expecially the /shared/config/cp_paths.php;

      - put the AIOCP site on the trusted sistes of your web browser.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i checked the config files they are as follows

      define ("K_PATH_HOST", "http://localhost"); // host URL (e.g.: "")
      define ("K_PATH_AIOCP", "/"); // relative URL where this program is installed (e.g.: "/")
      define ("K_PATH_MAIN", "C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/AIOCP/"); //real full path where this program is installed (e.g: "/usr/local/apache/htdocs/AIOCP/")
      define ("K_PATH_DATABASE_DATA", "C:/mysql/data/aiocp"); //real full path where database data files are stored (needed for backup - leave void to not backup data) (e.g.: /var/lib/mysql/AIOCP/)
      define ("K_STANDARD_PORT", 80); // standard port

      when i try to change anything in cp it just flashs back to what it was before no error just doesnt change anything  the icons after i loging are there but when i click on them they dont do anything either eg when i click on users icon nothing happens i can go in on the text link but cant change anything hope this helps...AIOCP site is on the trusted sites of your web browser is it posible to email me directly

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm having the same problem, and double checked the thing you've mentioned.
      Any further help will be appreciated


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Try to set the PHP parameters as follow:

      on php.ini:

      safe_mode = Off
      arg_separator.output = "&"
      magic_quotes_gpc = On
      register_globals = On
      register_long_arrays = On

      or in the Apache module (/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf):

      php_admin_flag safe_mode off
      php_value arg_separator.output "&"
      php_value magic_quotes_gpc On
      php_flag register_globals On
      php_flag register_long_arrays On

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thank you very much,

      adding the following lines to httpd.conf solved the problem;(as you suggested)

      php_admin_flag safe_mode off 
      php_value arg_separator.output "&" 
      php_value magic_quotes_gpc On 
      php_flag register_globals On 
      php_flag register_long_arrays On

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have also some problem. My installation is ok and I can change a lot - but I dont understand so much italian, so I want to change to English
      or Swedish. I dont know which languagefiles there are - I dont have found any... but I want to change to English but it seems impossible..

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        The AIOCP 1.3.005 language mechanism is corrupted and has been fixed on 1.3.006 (check on download area).


        The default language for the admin area is defined by the K_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE constant on the /admin/config/cp_config.php file.

        The default language for the public area is defined by the K_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE constant on the /public/config/cp_config.php file.

        AIOCP contains by default the following languages:

        - English (human translation)
        - Italian (human translation)

        - Chinese (automatic translation)
        - French (automatic translation)
        - German (automatic translation)
        - Japanese (automatic translation)
        - Korean (automatic translation)
        - Portuguese (automatic translation)
        - Spanish (automatic translation)

        All translations are stored on database and could be edited using the tools on Language section of AIOCP administration area.

        By default all languages are active.
        Use the Language -> Select form on AIOCP admin area to deselect some languages.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What about this comment in php.ini?

      ;Note that register_globals is going to be depracated (i.e., turned off by
      ;default) in the next version of PHP, because it often leads to security bugs.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The AIOCP project was started on 2001 and now requires a big refactoring to clean up the code.

      I've already cleaned up some AIOCP-based code to be used on TCExam project ( but a big effort is needed to update AIOCP because is too large for my current freetime.

      Any help is appreciated.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      We intend to launch about 8 newsletters for different
      sectors in India and wish to use AIOCP on different websites of these
      newsletters. Can we install/use AIOCP just once (common) for all the
      newsletters/websites? Or, will we need to install/use AIOCP separately
      on each domain name? OR, can we just have one domain name and create
      multiple newsletters within the same domain?

      best regards


    • Terry Lockett

      Terry Lockett - 2008-11-29

      Can't find any mention of these in my httpd.conf file, where should they be, or can i just add them anywhere in the file.
      Is this a dumb question if so i apologise but i'm struggling to get to grips with this cms. Thanks in anticipation of a speedy reply. I hope someone will help me out.

      • Nicola Asuni

        Nicola Asuni - 2008-12-01

        http.conf is the Apache webserver configuration file.
        If you are using a different webserver (i.e. IIS), please consult the relative documentation.


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