dicktater - 2008-06-08

On 2006-08-03 11:25, you were asked
"Is there a pdf file containing the User Guide? I can't print it from the online version... "

You replied then:

"By: Nicola Asuni (nicolaasuniProject AdminAccepting Donations) - 2006-08-05 02:00
I'm sorry but a PDF manual do not exist yet.
Printing the html pages is possible using a common Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you have a virtual PDF printer you may also print it on PDF. "

Really?  You expect users to print 150+ pages rather than provide a PDF, or single page HTML, or a plain text version, or even of the means to generate at least one of the above from the system?

I lost all interest in AIOCP when I found out about this.  How many other potential users/supporters have you lost because of your unwillingness to provide a manual while maintaining the insane expectation that even one person would print 150+ pages one by one by one?

Good luck.  You need it.  But then, you probably don't care anyway.