• Anonymous - 2002-01-19

    Sounds a good project, but where the hell does one start?

    • David G Elsdon

      David G Elsdon - 2002-01-21


      What is happening with this project ??

      It hasn't got a home page !!



    • The Unnamed

      The Unnamed - 2007-07-12

      I had an idea about ai the other day.  Mind you this is just a though and deserves to be questioned and imporved

      All AI's depend on coded io and an the assumtion of how the computer works this is likely a limit to ai.  an assumed knowledge base is will cause fast and more effenent results but will not allow for an limitless lerning capasity a general ai should (in a prefect world) start out with no assumed or preassumed knowledge.  altough that is impossible because that would say you could wire up a shit-load of transister and expect a intelagence to just magicly apper.  We can do the next best thing.  the human brain builds itself based on nothing the only thing that is prebuild is the brain stem and that simply provides the nessasary funtions to servive and grow the rest is self building.  relating this back the problem of AI,  assume you abstract all hardware and io functions from the program to the point that the lerning section of the progam doesn't depend on the hardware it just uses it like a brain stem in this way you have the computer lern how to use io and how to think and not base it all on the hardware. If the hard ware is only runing a vertual hardware enviroment developed by the program itself.  It would take a lot of computing power and a lot of time to run.  Heres the way i think that the program will advance. it will first lern to think on a basic level and start building itself a structure. then, as the programs intelagence and though process advances it will slowly takeover for the layer of code that creates the hardwareless envoroment for it (lets give it a name. How about logical brain stem) and begin to learn how to work with the hardware at this point like a baby would the program will start exparamenting with the newly desovered hardware and begin sending out meaningless jargon at this point we start teaching it kinda sorta.  By simply giving the program an camera, mic, video card, sound card, speakers, and monitor it will lern by obsevation.  Unfortunatly the program will likely need to be interacted with so as to not cause pycological damage to the ai. then if all works out as i hope the program will build into a funtioning general perpose ai.

      I have no clue how to even begin the code work but I'm throwing the idea out there to toss around and be muled over. at any rate i believe it's a promising path of thought.

      Good luck with it hope it helps someone.

      P.S. : If it leads to any break thoughs please give me dew credit and notify me. thanks.


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