Chinese AIML chat robot AIMLbot kernel

  • ctjh900801

    ctjh900801 - 2012-04-06

    AIML Chat robot commenced to VB.NET (I tend to specialize in to write a VB program) and the Chinese chat robot operations, but got trouble.
    The following is a picture I saved to the culture in the sentence AIML.
    And try to run it.

    The AIMLbot of the. NET engine is a combination with C # by the search<pattern> logo text to reply to the statement.

    Information AIML file text format encoding = "utf-8" This is a unicode encoding should be able to support the Chinese it! But when I enter the Chinese dialogue.

    It can not reply ,and return blank information.

    Currently experiencing the biggest problem is the open source AIMLbotengine does not seem to support the cultural regular expression search.

    I seem to have to go modify AIMLbot regular expressions.


    I hope everyone can help me modify the support of Chinese AIMLbot core engine.
    Attach my modified the VB.NET chat bots and the C the # AIMLBOT engine to everyone.

    Attach my modified the VB.NET chat bots!224&parid=105B2868CB2DF559!222&authkey=!APmRWzVVC5WdgvE

  • ctjh900801

    ctjh900801 - 2012-04-06

    The latest situation is that the code written in C # to AIML BOT.dll is called.

    It can support the output of Chinese dialogue.

    But to call code written in VB.NET the AIML BOT.dll was not.

    Itself from the VB.NET can not accept the pass written in C # the AIML BOT.dll Chinese data exigencies?


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