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Andris Cs.
  • Andris Cs.

    Andris Cs. - 2008-09-30


    After 20 minutes of futile search for a gui binary on the download site (which contains a single zif file completely filled by one dll file) I realized that I will get AIMLGui if I download the whole project from the repo. I did that and after I tried to build in with VS but I got a message of entering some password to import an encrypted key to the local keystore (to please the keymaker and let Neo save the world I guess :). Well, I haven't met any password during research so I am eager to hear what I should provide for that form. Thanks in advance.


    • Nicholas Tollervey


      OK, so you need to click the download -> download all packages then click Release -> 2.5 (which should get you to here:\). Download the file.

      When downloading the source make sure you use tags/2.5 as trunk is not build-able - I really should revert it to the 2.5 release.

      With regard to the password protect - just set the appropriate projects as not being signed. Fortunately, this isn't the result of some post-cyberpunk paranoia - rather, as the package author, by signing the package with the password / key others can verify it came from me (and not you for example).

      Finally, AIMLBot (as a project) is sleeping but not quite dead yet - I'm working on another conversational agent project that will be truly cross platform, open and (hopefully) a whole lot better than AIMLBot.

      Best of luck,


    • Andris Cs.

      Andris Cs. - 2008-10-01

      Thanks for the reply.

      Meanwhile I exported the projects from the repo and I managed to use the configuration and aiml files with the dll in the project zip, so I could "chat" with the bot. I rather become interested developing AI stuff so I'd like to combine the "understanding abilities" of a chat bot (like AIMLBot) and the possibilities of executing tasks (like calling other programs, creating warnings and messages of given tasks) - so in one word: creating an assistant AI.
      Let me give an example:
      I chat with the bot about having an important meeting, and I specifically mention the time of it. The 'understanding' chatter part could ask for details while the executing part could start the notificator program (or create a task withing the bot's inner structure) with the given details.
      Unfortunately I've never programmed such way of complexity, and I am also not sure if any program like this is exists as of now. What do you think, can this be established? Or do you have any resource to check for beginning this type of development?


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