AIML Web Service

  • ChrisW

    ChrisW - 2009-03-11

    This may sound a bit silly but I can't figure out how the Web Service is used from a web page. The functions seem to be different to that in the DLL. Is there a sample code on how to consume the web service?

    Thanks in adavance for any help.


    • Nicholas Tollervey

      Hi Chris,

      You should be able to start the web-service in Visual Studio. This will take you to a page listing the available methods.

      Alternatively, you can take a look at the code in:


      To see how the web-service itself works.

      Finally, IIRC you need to do the following:

      1) call createUser(username) to create a user known to the bot.
      2) call getGUIDForUser(username) to get  session GUID
      3) call Chat(Input, sessionGuid) to get a response from the bot.

      Hope that helps,



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