Search Order in my aiml and annotated files

  • tiger

    tiger - 2007-03-31

    Is this possible at all?

    I'd like to let the AimlBot to search the aiml files I created first. *Only* if it does not find any matched pattern in my files, it should start matching other patterns in the annotated files in the aiml directory.

    This will make sure the content relavent to my purpose are used first.

    Will appreciate any tips.


    • Nicholas Tollervey


      An interesting question.

      My suggestion would be to analyse ALL the AIML files (your own and the annotated set) and iron out any inconsistencies in precedence yourself. This is not an easy task. However, I have been planning (and on my to-do list) is an AIML editor based upon AIMLBot. Working out order of precedence is a classic case of a task we'd be bad at but a computer would excel in. One of the features I intend to implement is a different search algorithm to find ALL the categories that match a given input listed in order of precedence. I also have various other "secret" ideas to differentiate my editor from a glorified XML editor with AIML macros built in.

      However, this all depends on how much time I have (family, work, life etc) and if I judge it worth my while to spend time doing it.

      Best wishes,



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