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  • stipus

    stipus - 2009-12-04


    I'm the author of a proprietary program with a command line interface (This is a HomeSseer plugin to control Home Automation devices through Skype, Live Messenger… etc).

    Today I was a little bored, and thought it would be nice to add Eliza-like responses to the command line interface, when standard commands are not understood.

    I found your AimlBot library released under LGPL, and started to study the code. I found this would be a really fun and easy to implement addition to my program,  when I felt on the GPL copyright notice in the AIML files.

    Since then, I spent several hours reading the GPL license text and FAQ to understand if I could really link to your library from my program.

    Unfortunately I'm still clueless… I know I can link to your library as it's LGPL, but I'm not sure if I can redistribute the AIML files. Also I' not sure if you can distribute the GPL copyrighted AIML files together with your ZIP files.

    As English is not my mother tongue, I'm not sure if I understood the GPL license terms correctly, as it always refer to dynamically linking with GPLed software, and in your case you are dynamically loading some GPLed files…

    Of course I could make my own version of all AIML files, but then my goal (adding Eliza-like capabilities to my command line interface) would not be so fun anymore…

    Any clue ?

    Best regards,


  • stipus

    stipus - 2009-12-04

    I just found a complete set of AIML files here:

    These files have a different copyright that allow any use:

    I'm going to check if they are compatible with your lib.

  • stipus

    stipus - 2009-12-04

    It worked fine !

    I added the AIMLBOT feature to my program in less than 10 minutes. It was very easy.

    Thanks a lot for this nice Library !

  • Nicholas Tollervey

    Hi Stipus,

    Thanks for taking the time to look at AIMLBot. I've just followed the thread and notice you've solved your own problem. Best of luck with your project. I don't suppose you have a URL I can follow to see what you're up to. Always nice to find out how others are using AIMLBot.

    Best wishes,


  • stipus

    stipus - 2009-12-04

    Hi Nicholas,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have been coding a few plugins for the HomeSeer Home Automation Software at

    My plugins can interface HomeSeer with
    - SIP Phones
    - Skype
    - Instant Messaging Clients (Live Messenger, Google Chat, Skype chat…)
    - Text Messages devices (phones, modems, skype)
    - Bluetooth devices (act as a proximity sensor)
    - PLCBUS Home Automation Technology

    You can have a look to my forum here:

    I have a command line interface to control the house from Instant Messaging Clients (Live Messenger, Skype, Google chat), and the goal was to add some fun instead of command not recognized errors.

    I have been testing for several hours, and it looks to work fine with the AIML files from

    A few times my name (inside the bot datastructure) was suddenly replaced with text like PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH + a random word. I couldn't understand why.

    > what is my name
    > Your name is PUSH PUSH
    > PUSH PUSH PUSH phone, seeker.
    > my name is stipus
    > Your name is stipus.
    > what is my name ?
    > Your name is stipus, seeker.


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