Problem with set and condition

  • Pierre

    Pierre - 2007-02-28

    It seems that there is a big problem with <set> inside <condition>.
    Try this :

        <set name="temp">a</set>

        <condition name="temp" value="a"><set name="temp2">1</set></condition>
        <condition name="temp" value="b"><set name="temp2">2</set></condition>
        <condition name="temp" value="c"><set name="temp2">3</set></condition>

        End value: <get name="temp2">

    At the end, it returns "3", instead of "1". It seems all the <set> inside <condition> are executed even if the condition is wrong.

    • Pierre

      Pierre - 2007-02-28

      I forgot a slash : <get name="temp2"/>

    • Nicholas Tollervey

      Hi ghostdogpr,

      Thanks for taking the time to pass on this info.

      This bug is caused by the same issue identified in the "Performance: Time out" thread started by ebiztiger. I have some free time today in which I should be able to fix the issue. I aim to have a release out by the end of this week.

      Best wishes,


    • Pierre

      Pierre - 2007-02-28

      It also executes the <set> in the <srai> even if the <srai> is in a wrong condition >_<

      Anyways, thanks a lot for the future fix !

    • Pierre

      Pierre - 2007-03-02

      Wow you were so fast! It works fine, thanks a LOT.


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