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Failure loading annotated_alice

  • tiger

    tiger - 2007-02-04

    I also like the well strutured design and cleanly written code. Good job!

    Got a question:

    Is the following code in AIMLLoader.cs really neccessary?
    It fails to load standard AIML from ALICE, eg.: Salutations.aiml

    //using the default topic ("*")
    function         private void processCategory(XmlNode node, string filename)
            //    this.processCategory(node, "*", filename);

    in AIMLLoader.cs fails to load standard AIML from ALICE, eg.:


    • Nicholas Tollervey

      Thanks for the positive comments...

      Hmmm... well, I'm unable to replicate your problem. I've just tested the code against the annotated Alice collection. It works fine with no problems.

      However, the code you quote is not correct. This is what I have instead of your code:

        138         /// <summary>
        139         /// Adds a category to the graphmaster structure using the default topic ("*")
        140         /// </summary>
        141         /// <param name="node">the XML node containing the category</param>
        142         /// <param name="filename">the file from which this category was taken</param>
        143         private void processCategory(XmlNode node, string filename)
        144         {
        145             this.processCategory(node, "*", filename);
        146         }

      With this in place it works. I can only assume that you, or a colleague, or the source of your download (if different from Sourceforge) have changed the code and broken it. Download the latest version from here and see if that works. You can always check the bot works by using nUnit and the Test project available as part of this project.

      If you're still having problems then email me a copy of a problem AIML file (you can contact me via the instructions on\) and a description of exactly what the problem is, symptoms and any error messages. If I can replicate the problem then I'll certainly fix it!

      Thanks in advance,


    • Nicholas Tollervey

      This problem has now been fixed from the 2.3 release. The Test project has also been updated to reflect these changes. Download the latest copy please.

      Thanks in advance,



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