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AimEx4 Progress

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still actively developing AimEx, and adding new features whenever I get ideas. The only problem is that the codebase has become rather jumbled, especially in view.php. It's still quick code, but it's making about 8 SQL queries in view.php. That's a no-no if AimEx ever became as popular as Subprofile and MyBuddyInfo (lying bastards, I have picture support and truely dynamic profiles, not a static limit of 8).... read more

Posted by Mike Kolassa 2004-03-02

AimEx4 Members

You can now get your own AimEx4 user account to see what is done on AimEx4, and watch it through the beta stages. I encourage users to try and crash it, but only if they see that I am available on AIM and can readily restore access to AimEx4 for my friends who use it.

If anyone is curious about obtaining a copy of the source code, I'm affraid it'll have to wait for a little bit. I'd rather get the code cleaned up and place a license in every file before distributing it.

Posted by Mike Kolassa 2004-02-08

SubProfile Support

For anyone interested in seeing the newest Generation of AimEx, get the buddy info for Jackalo432 on AIM and click on the AimEx4 test link. SubProfiles are functional, a Guestbook is on the way, and whatever other features I can think to add. Once I get everything working, I will start cleaning up the code, as it needs it badly. Everything's just kind of thrown together right now, and I'm sure I could optimize a few SQL queries into one big one, but as I said, that'll come once everything is working. ; )

Posted by Mike Kolassa 2004-02-04

AimEx 3.0 Released

Yeah, I figured that it was about time. New interface, more optimized code, more features to come.

Posted by Mike Kolassa 2004-01-31

AimEx 3 Update

Well, AimEx3 works (kind of). Sub-Profiles haven't been implemented yet, but it has a rather nice GUI and a WYSIWYG editor (Internet Explorer only!), as well as a link that shows up in your profile if your screen name is linked as the master name for the Profile account to allow quick access to edit your profile, as well as show how many times each person has visited and the last time they did.... read more

Posted by Mike Kolassa 2003-12-30

AimEx 3 in Progress

I have started coding it finally. If you'd like to see how it looks, as well as test the current functionality/find bugs (can be posted in the bug tracker), use the login / password "test" at the following URL.

Posted by Mike Kolassa 2003-11-28

AimEx 3

Seeing as how AimEx2 is about as feature-full as it will ever be, work has begun on AimEx3. Read my diary for more details.

Posted by Mike Kolassa 2003-11-15

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