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AIME Version 0.59 Released

AIME Version 0.59 has been released!. This version provides improved Win32 support, many bugfixes, and an improved area converter. It has now added wisdom and charisma to the player attributes with support for making spells and skills dependant upon any attribute of a player.

Posted by George Noel 2001-04-20

AIME v0.59pre released

The prerelease of AIME version 0.59 has been released and is ready for testing. This version offers improved Win32 support and conversion of old data file versions. It has many bug fixes as well as new features. Once this version has been fully tested, the full 0.59 will be released with corresponding documentation.

Posted by George Noel 2001-04-05

AIME v.58 released w/ Win32 support

AIME version 0.58 has been released, now supporting the Win32 environments. In addition, this version includes internationalization support for those wanting to create translated muds. Version 0.58 contains the capability for online creation of chatlines and configure Makefile generation for easier installations. Three mailing lists are available for more information on the AIME project and releases. Subscribe to either aime-devel for developers, aime-users for AIME users, or aime-announce to receive release announcements.

Posted by George Noel 2000-12-31

AIME 0.57 released

AIME version 0.57 has been released! It provides new corpse code, better logging, and many new features for the initial login. It includes several new administrative commands that makes building and maintaining the MUD much easier. As always, each feature is extremely flexible, providing the ability for new MUD creators to design their MUD exactly how they want it. Prompts for new players have changed, offering even more information for gameplay.
Those upgrading from a previous version should check the release notes for version 0.57 for details on converting your data to version 0.57.
On compatability news, AIME has been successfully tested on i386 systems (386 to Pentium IVs), Sparc, M68k, and, what may quite possibly be the first MUD to run on this system, the yet to be released IA64 architecture. The goal is to make AIME run on as many systems as possible, so if you have a system (with the exception of a few, Palm OS, Atari games, etc) that you want to get it running on, feel free to contact me at for help.
As always, the email lists on sourceforge (aime-devel, aime-users, aime-announce) are used to get information out to developers and the users. If you wish to help us code the AIME codebase, please contact me at Check the site for a new link to muds using the AIME codebase. If you are designing a mud using AIME, please contact me so we can get your information on that list.

Posted by George Noel 2000-09-01

Version 0.56 Released

Version 0.56 of AIME has been released!

This release features the ability to spectate on other builders, "masks" for easy management of various user groups, a quiet startup option, and numerous enhancements to the dynamic aspects of the game (triggers, specials, tellreplies, shops) and various new properties for rooms.

Three e-mail lists are available for those wanting to keep up with the current changes on the mud. can be used to receive the latest information on the codebase. is used regularly to discuss coding issues. Finally, is used to announce new releases. ... read more

Posted by Ed Boraas 2000-07-28

Version 0.55 and News

Version 0.55 has been released! It includes a new text format configuration more recompiling necessary to change configuration settings for the game. The MUD also stores your player locations when you quit, allowing one to enter the same room that they quit from. In addition, a scan spell has been included that provides the means for players to scan into another room to see what is there. Finally, along with several new commands, the prompt has been modified to allow for users to include their health, etc in the prompt.... read more

Posted by George Noel 2000-07-01

Version 0.54 and Help Offer

Version 0.54 is out! It includes greater functionality, to include a bulletin board system and area conversion tool, as well as several bug fixes. If you are upgrading from version 0.53, check the upgrade instructions on the release notes and in the docs directory of the distribution.

Also, for anyone who would like to convert their existing muds over to the AIME code, whether it be smaug, circle, lp, or your own derivative, I will help convert and get started for the first couple who ask (at least until I get too much on my plate). Let me know at! ... read more

Posted by George Noel 2000-06-11

CVS tree and Version 0.53

I have added the code to the CVS tree and will keep that updated. Will take a little bit to get used to using it since I have never used CVS before, but it is there! Also, version 0.53 of the AIME code is out with several bug fixes and added functionality to include race support and more versatile abilities.

Posted by George Noel 2000-05-15