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Aikido Language System / News: Recent posts

Aikido version 1.40 released

This version of the Aikido programming language includes support for coroutines. This is a way for a function to yield a value and be resumed after the yield point. It has similar syntax to the similar feature in Python and Ruby.

Also included is the ability to use an operator for case limb comparison in switch statements. This enables switch statement to be more flexible.

Posted by David Allison 2007-06-19

Aikido updated to version 1.36

The Aikido language has been updated to version
1.36. This version includes many bug fixes and
a number of additional packages including an
XML parser, raw terminal control package and
an XML-based GUI interpreter.

Posted by David Allison 2007-05-22

Aikido version 1.10 CVS tree has been populated

I've finally managed to get time to populate the CVS tree
with version 1.10 of the Aikido language system. This
version contains support for automatic closures. Previous
versions are available on and

I'm working out how to release it now...

Posted by David Allison 2004-11-10