Commit Date  
[r800] (HEAD) by animungo
2011-01-26 14:50:52 Tree
[r799] by animungo
2011-01-21 22:42:29 Tree
[r798] by animungo


2011-01-21 22:36:57 Tree
[r797] by animungo

Fixes as it applies the patch given there.

2011-01-21 22:26:29 Tree
[r796] by andyknownasabu

Fixed a T_STRING error

2010-12-03 14:53:39 Tree
[r795] by animungo

Fix some HTML errors as described in

2010-12-02 14:06:35 Tree
[r794] by animungo

A few semicolons where missing at the end of non breaking spaces.

2010-12-02 13:40:58 Tree
[r793] by andyknownasabu

Fixed a bug introduced in revision 792

2010-09-29 13:32:39 Tree
[r792] by reidsma
2010-09-24 15:53:29 Tree
[r791] by reidsma

final phrase by Andreea

2010-09-22 20:49:24 Tree
[r790] by reidsma

Biowee & Carolus contributed more translations

2010-09-22 20:47:33 Tree
[r789] by reidsma
2010-09-20 21:52:23 Tree
[r788] by reidsma
2010-09-19 23:14:25 Tree
[r787] by reidsma

preparing release

2010-09-19 20:34:35 Tree
[r786] by reidsma

preparing release 2.2

2010-09-19 20:33:26 Tree
[r785] by reidsma
2010-09-19 16:42:58 Tree
[r784] by reidsma

added partial chinese thanks to biowee

2010-09-19 16:38:21 Tree
[r783] by reidsma

Contribution Brent Valle: you can now set the subject and body of the email

2010-09-19 16:07:43 Tree
[r782] by reidsma

adding new strings; finishing Dutch and German translations

2010-09-19 15:55:09 Tree
[r781] by reidsma

new codeigniter

2010-09-19 15:51:15 Tree
[r780] by reidsma

Improvements by Camilo Condis

2010-09-19 12:36:40 Tree
[r779] by reidsma
2010-07-20 11:33:09 Tree
[r778] by reidsma
2010-07-20 11:26:46 Tree
[r777] by reidsma

maintenance, nonpublishing authors: remember to check pubs by synonyms!

2010-04-08 19:42:40 Tree
[r776] by reidsma

update of german translations by Wietse

2010-04-08 19:39:33 Tree
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