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Web based bibliography management system / News: Recent posts

Current Status

- A new website, forum, wiki, bug tracker and demo site is under planning.

- Code management switched from SVN to GIT.

- Version 2.5 with an upgrade to the CodeIgniter framework on which Aigaion is based is being worked on at the moment. Coworkers are very welcome. Includes a new template engine and an upgraded UI using jQuery.

- Once the new bug tracker is online we will start working on bugfixing for the current release and including those into the main development branch.

Posted by comci 2012-01-03

March 12, 2009 - Aigaion 2.1.2 released.

Aigaion 2.1.2 introduces multi-language support, better import and character conversion, keyword clouds and many other things.

the Aigaion team

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2009-03-12

Aigaion 2.1.1: bugfix release

Dear all,

today we released an intermediate bugfix release, Aigaion 2.1.1

Thanks for reporting bugs, and helping us track them down!

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2009-01-21

Aigaion 2.1.0 released: non-beta!

Aigaion 2.1 is the first non-beta version of Aigaion.

Besides solving a few security issues, it contains a multitude of new features and existing features have been improved in many ways.
Some examples are:
- export via email
- major improvements in the bibtex import facilities
- new handling of bibtex special characters, allowing many new characters and making it very simple to add new characters in the future
- an improved and more stable login module
- advanced search capabilities... read more

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2008-11-23

Aigaion 2.0.2.beta released

In this release you 'll find several bugfixes. It will hopefully be the last beta release before releasing the first full aigaion 2.

Posted by Wietse 2008-03-11

2.0.1.beta released

It's the second beta. We fixed some bugs, and most importantly, made an interactive install script that takes care of new install as well as migration from 1.x databases.

Good luck,

the Aigaion team

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2008-01-10

Aigaion 2.0.0 beta released

Hi all,

we are proud and happy to present this brand-new release of Aigaion: Aigaion 2.0.0 beta. As some of you might have noticed, we have been working on 2.0 a long time. We did an entire code rewrite and are now relying on an MVC framework (Code Igniter). The most important changes:
- Customizable access levels (public, intern, private) for publications, topics, notes and attachments
- Improved import and export code
- User group management
- Better support for guest users
- Modules for integrating login management with other systems such as wiki or CMS systems
- Persistent bookmark lists
- Improved topic assignment for publications
- Better update management
- Flexible sort options for publication list display... read more

Posted by Wietse 2007-12-24

September 21, 2007 - Testing of Aigaion 2.0 started!

Hi All,

We are currently moving into the alpha testing stage for Aigaion 2.0. Install scripts as well as migration scripts from Aigaion 1.x installations have been made to facilitate easy transition. Before we are going to unleash this improved new version we would very much like some people to help us out with testing, to make sure Aigaion 2.0 is ready!

We already have one or two people helping out (thanks!) - but more are welcome.... read more

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2007-09-21

Release 1.3.4

Hi All!

Release 1.3.4 contains a very important security bug fix.
Furthermore we improved the BiBTeX first name parsing a bit.


The Aigaion Development Team

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2007-07-13

Aigaion 1.3.3 available

Hi All!

Still working hard on Aigaion 2.0...
But for now: some minor bug fixes for 1.3.3!

Fixed issue and bugs:
* xss vulnerability
* a few problems with bibtex characters in new authors
* changes in a bibtex cite id caused problems for crossreff'ing publications

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2007-05-31

Aigaion 1.3.2 available

Hi all,

What a month! February 2007 was the month with the largest amount of downloads we have had thusfar! Ofcourse we are very happy to see that our project finds good resonance all over the world. We did already spot some 'open' installations out there on the web, way to go!

while working on the specification of Aigaion 2.0 we also found some time to work on Aigaion 1.3.2. The things we have done:... read more

Posted by Wietse 2007-03-05

Topic assignment problem in 1.3.1

Hi all,

users of Aigaion 1.3.1, not using Internet Explorer, experience problems using the topic assignment dropdown box. We have fixed the problem on CVS and will release it in Aigaion 1.3.2 in the first week of March. In the meanwhile, please find the fix attached to bugreport [1660522] - Add all checked publications to topic.

The file can be copied to aigaionroot/lib/editforms.

Sorry for the inconvenience!... read more

Posted by Wietse 2007-02-18

Aigaion 1.3.1 Available!


We are glad to announce that Aigaion 1.3.1 is now available. It contains several minor bugfixes:
- Fixed a problem with the author cleanname field
- Fixed a problem with trailing spaces in year field
and several others.

At this moment we are working hard on our RC document for Aigaion 2.0. As soon as that is ready, we will post it here and give you the opportunity to give us some feedback on how you like our plans.... read more

Posted by Wietse 2007-02-12

Aigaion 1.3 available

Hi All,

We are glad to announce our newest release: Aigaion 1.3. We have been working on some major and minor feature enhancements. We realized the most-popular feature request of the 'anonymous' account and hope it matches up with your expectations. A short list of things we have been working on:
* new rights management mechanism with more finegrained rights management
* anonymous login from a specific account, allowing you to control the rights for the public access account
* fix of security vulnerability reported on Secunia
* improved login control, securing the system even further
* automatic import format detection
* many other things... read more

Posted by Wietse 2007-01-16

Version 1.2.1 available

Hi all!

The last six weeks have been great weeks. We almost hit 400 downloads in one month and again received lots of feedback and suggestions. Thanks for that. We are also glad to announce that we have a new member in our development team, welcome Sebastian!

We have mainly been concentrating on fixing smaller bugs and on some minor feature enhancements:

- Improved note crossreference highlighting system
- maintenance functions for checking note crossreference consistency
- More detailed feedback on file uploading errors
- Display of booktitle field in crossref
- Keyword delimiter detection
- Improved sorting on year for publications with crossreferences
- and multiple bugfixes (see our sourceforge bugtracker for that..)... read more

Posted by Wietse 2006-11-11

Version 1.2 for download

Hi all,

Finally, the long-promised release of Aigaion version 1.2 is there. We are very happy to see that, since our 1.1 release in July, so many users have not only tried out our system, but also took serious time out to tell us what they like about it and what could be improved. We would like to extend a big thank you to all the people pointing out problems as well as contributing solutions via our sourceforge page. Thank you!... read more

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2006-10-03

Version 1.1 for download

Again a new release. With among others:
- multipublication export
- augmented keyword search
- site configuration
- RIS export
- liststyle
- clickable keywords
- bugfixes
etc. etc.
Please download and try this release and keep us informed about bugs and feature requests so one time, Aigaion will write your papers for you ;)

Have fun and good luck with your research,

- Arthur

Posted by Arthur van Bunningen 2006-07-22

The much improved 1.0 release is here.

For people who downloaded the previous release from February 2006, much has been improved. Next to a complete rewrite of the core structure, it contains many improvements in topic and publication management, more extensive search methods, better look and feel etc., etc. We advise you to download this release and submit your feature requests and bugs using sourceforge.

Have fun and good luck with your research,... read more

Posted by Arthur van Bunningen 2006-06-13

New CVS settings

For those who keep up-to-date through CVS: please see the CVS page for the new settings for anonymous and developer CVS access to the Aigaion system.


Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2006-05-13

Developing for major new release

Right now we are working very hard on a new release. Many new features, but, more importantly, a lot of streamlining of code. Oh, and we just improved BiBTeX support: a lot of people asked us to allow non-standard BiBTeX fields to be stored in this database, and to be exported again to BiBTeX upon request. And we expanded the possibilities for attachments. And along the way improved the looks. Now if only CVS would work again... A few weeks of stress-testing the whole thing on our own systems, then a full release...

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2006-05-11

SourceForge CVS Temporarily Down

As some people may already have noticed, the SourceForge CVS server are having some problems. The Anonymous CVS servers are serving VERY old versions of the code. The Developer CVS servers are just not serving anything at all. But as soon as the servers are running again, we will be posting a lot of updates to the repository! We are currently having a development-burst, which will lead to a new release somewhere mid-june (probably).... read more

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2006-05-11

Release 0.1.7

As said before, many bugs have been fixed, many RFE's have been implemented. Have fun trying out the new release!

The Aigaion Team

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2006-02-09

Extensive changes and bug fixes

The last few weeks have been very busy. Some 20 bug reports were fixed, together with numerous small bugs that had not even been reported yet; and a lot of small functionality extensions and cosmetic changes have been made. A new release is expected this week.

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2006-02-02

New release

There have been many changes in the code recently. Users are advised to get a new release (0.1.5, 15 November) or do a CVS update to obtain the latest version. Selection of topics for publications is now easier, BiBTeX import is vastly improved, and a number of other small changes have been made.

Posted by Dennis Reidsma 2005-11-21