Aigaion 1.3 available

Hi All,

We are glad to announce our newest release: Aigaion 1.3. We have been working on some major and minor feature enhancements. We realized the most-popular feature request of the 'anonymous' account and hope it matches up with your expectations. A short list of things we have been working on:
* new rights management mechanism with more finegrained rights management
* anonymous login from a specific account, allowing you to control the rights for the public access account
* fix of security vulnerability reported on Secunia
* improved login control, securing the system even further
* automatic import format detection
* many other things

At this moment, we are refining our plans for future development of Aigaion. We are discussing on if we are going to rewrite Aigaion in an MVC framework and if so, which one to use. We also hope to enhance functionality with some nifty Ajax features.. For more details on that and other plans, please see our sourceforge site:

If you have other comments, feedback or great ideas, please drop a message at the sourceforge site.

The latest version of Aigaion can be downloaded through our website on

Aigaion is a web-based, annotated bibliography management system. It offers full support for BibTeX and other bibliographic formats. Aigaion is freeware and open source software (GPL).

Posted by Wietse 2007-01-16

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