#50 Regularly forgets about /sbin and /dev contents

Marc Haber


http://bugs.debian.org/245423 shows an issue that has
been present for quite some time now in Debian's
aide. After doing largish changes, aide --update
flags most of /sbin as "New". The bug submitter says
that this can still be reproduced with aide 0.11, but
I have never seen this behavior myself.

An aide config file is also in the bug report.

I would be great if correspondence with the bug
reporter would happen through the Debian BTS so that
debugging efforts are documented. Just e-mail to



  • Michael Dale Long

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    I have a similiar issue with aide 0.11 on CentOS. It
    regularly forgets about /lib/modules/*, on a couple of
    CentOS 4.3 boxes. Whenever it happens I get the following

    Comparing database to filesystem. This will take a few minutes.

    Not enough parameters in db:38892
    AIDE found differences between database and filesystem!!

  • Marc Haber

    Marc Haber - 2006-06-22

    Logged In: YES

    The bug report in the Debian BTS
    (http://bugs.debian.org/245423) shows that quite some users
    are experiencing this issue. One of the users says that the
    corruption happens randomly, re-generating the database
    with the same underlying file system lead to a
    non-corrupted db.

    An issue with the underlying db engine is suggested.

  • Marc Haber

    Marc Haber - 2006-07-18

    Logged In: YES

    The current discussion in the Debian bug report suggests
    that there is an issue with gzip_dbout=yes. I have
    experienced this behavior myself years ago and solved it
    for me by disabling gzip_dbout.

  • Richard van den Berg

    • status: open --> pending-fixed
  • Richard van den Berg

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    Originator: NO

    Please try the CVS version at

    If the problem persists, please attach your aide.conf, the
    output of aide run with -V255 and if possible a gdb backtrace.

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