#43 @@ifnhost doesn't work, gives wrong error message

Marc Haber

This is from the Debian BTS;

If an @@ifnhost construct like
@@ifnhost otherhostname.tld
# check sources for modifications
/usr/src L
/usr/local/src L

is used, aide complains:
29:syntax error:.
29:Error while reading configuration:.
Configuration error

The line number is completely off, and the error
message doesn't apply.


  • Richard van den Berg

    Aide config file

  • (chongo) Landon Curt Noll

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    The @@ifnhost and @@ifhost directives were intended to match
    only the hostname without the domainname. So in your
    example, "otherhostname.tld" is not a valid token for
    @@ifnhost. It should just be:

    @@ifnhost otherhostname
    # check sources for modifications
    /usr/src L
    /usr/local/src L

    See [ 1430482 ] fix for the broken @@ifhost and @@ifnhost
    directives for details on a patch to fix these directives.

  • Richard van den Berg

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    Please try the CVS version at

    If the problem persists, please attach your aide.conf, the
    output of aide run with -V255 and if possible a gdb backtrace.

  • Richard van den Berg

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  • Richard van den Berg

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